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Our Values

Our Values: ExCEED, Our Way of Life.

Our VALUES define who we are and it serves as the foundation of each step we take towards the realization of our vision of being a leading professional services firm.

Our major value driver is to Exceed Client Expectations Every Day (ExCEED). We believe that our success at satisfying clients and other stakeholders will ultimately bring sustainable growth to our firm.

Our values have, therefore, been codified into the ExCEED principles. These principles guide our decision making process and ensure that our people always make appropriate choices. The principles, in addition to our Code of Conduct and other policies in the firm, represent the way of life at WFO Roedl & Partner and they guide our dealings with our various clients and other stakeholders.

The following ExCEED Principles are at the core of everything we do:

  1. We act with integrity at all times. In providing our services, we are inspired by and comply with the principles of fairness and transparency.
  1. We strive to uphold our independence and high professional standards as we work together with our clients to create strong, dependable and successful relationships. We always aim to achieve the highest standards of quality in everything we do through leading edge solutions that set the benchmark in our areas of expertise. We don’t report efforts; we deliver timely responses, world-class reports, proven results and innovative solutions.
  1. We always follow established standards, processes, policies, procedures, rules and regulations.
  1. We always engage key stakeholders on matters relating to procedures, issues and tasks.
  1. We always report unusual and abnormal behaviors of people, tools and systems and, we ensure that the integrity of systems is not compromised by our actions or inactions.
  1. We, in order to address abnormal behaviors and conditions, always investigate and seek to understand actions or results that deviate from the norm or expectations.
  1. We always seek to broaden our skills, experience, knowledge and perspectives (about our industry, clients, business environment, people, tools and systems).
  1. We believe in the strength of working together in teams and in collaborating with others. We respect people for who they are and for their knowledge, skills, backgrounds and experience as individuals and team members. Our relationships with our clients, associates, partners, colleagues and other stakeholders are characterized by cooperation and mutual respect.
  1. We give and seek regular, open and honest feedback so that we can improve and grow at all levels.
  1. We always aim to serve all our clients and other stakeholders with dedication, discipline, respect, decisiveness and distinction. In order to constantly achieve our high performance goals, we always leverage on technology and related tools in building efficiency into our various processes.

ExCEED – Exceeding Client Expectations Every Day.

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